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October 14, 2007

"Starsky & Hutch" Premiere

UK 2004

Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul and Antonio Fargas on the red carpet and interview with Richard Bacon

(Show opens with clips of S&H movie)

Clips of Starsky and Hutch movie)


Richard Bacon: (Host; dressed in Starsky sweater!) Well, hello there we go! It’s another big movie night in Leicester Square. Some of these people you can see over my left shoulder have been here since 6:30 this morning. Well done! Ah, the reason they’ve gone to such lengths is that they hope to catch a glimpse of the cream of the celebrity world and fashion.


Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson will be here as well as the original stars of the seventies show, David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas. Ah, at the moment, none of the people I see are technically celebrities, ah, they’re ordinary people. Heaven knows what they’re doing here. I suspect they’re competition winners.

(Clips of people on the white striped red carpet)

(Paul and David now arrive, wave and flash the “peace” hand sign to the crowd)

RB: And now on the red carpet, you can see David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser there as well. Yes, they are the original “Starsky and Hutch”, are walking up the red carpet behind me and we’re gonna talk to them in a bit later. I think ah, ah, the original “Huggy Bear” might be here as well. Is that Antonio Fargas walking up, there he is, Antonio Fargas in the hat. You can see him over my shoulder; he’s on the left walking into the cinema now.

The stars of tonight’s premiere are do to make their entrance too, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. They are tow of the great writing talents in Hollywood. They separately enjoy great success. Ben in “There’s Something About Mary”, “Meet the Parents” and current hit “Along Came Polly”. Owen as an action hero in “Behind Enemy Lines” and the incompetents like “The Tennebaums” and “Shang High Noon.” Could they be about to become another of the great movie double acts?

(Clip of Ben Stiller talking about “Starsky and Hutch” and Owen Wilson talks about BS and their films together. Snoop Dog adds about the great combination of Ben and Owen)

PAUL: No, they did a very, well..

DAVID: They’re delightful, both of them…


DAVID: .. and, ah, if you’re gonna pass the torch, you might as.. you might as well have people like them to pass it to.

PAUL: (nodding) Yah

(back to red carpet interview)

RB: Paul, why do you think people still have so much affection for the series?

PAUL: I don’t know, but it’s very nice that they do.

RB: Ah huh.

PAUL: umm hmm.

RB: You have no idea?

PAUL: None!

RB: You must have some idea?

PAUL: No, (pointing to David) He has an idea


DAVID: (raising finger in air) I have an idea!

PAUL: He raised his hand! Call on him! Call on him!


RB: Take it Soul, take it Soul, yes you may.

DAVID: Yes, friendship..

RB: Friendship?

DAVID: Friendship, that’s why. It’s about friendship.

RB: You mean the show is about friends?

(big smile across Paul’s face)

DAVID: It’s about friendship. That’s what it’s all about. It’s exploring,.. this particular film is about the comedic aspect of that. But Paul and I, you know, (to Paul)..Will you stop looking at me?! (Paul laughs)

DAVID: You know what that does to me, when you do that. You make me feel self-conscious…

PAUL: (laughing) I know, I know, but you look so cute…

DAVID: … insecure

PAUL: (starring at David) you look so cute, so cute..

DAVID: OK, thank you. Thanks man.

PAUL: Are we almost through?

DAVID: We, on the series, had an opportunity to play on many levels: drama, “tradedy”, tragedy..

PAUL: "Tradedy?"

DAVID: Can I say tradedy?

PAUL: I like that!

DAVID: It's been a long day!

PAUL: ( in unison)…. day!

(They both laugh)

DAVID: .".tradedy", ah, farce, ah comedy. We did a lot of things. This show is more, is ah, a comedic.. sort of a revitality of Starsky and Hutch theme, you know, so it’s great.

(Paul bites his lower lip and nods in agreement)

And the guys are wonderful. Ben and Owen are terrific. We couldn’t pick a better team.

PAUL: Ya, they did a really good job.

DAVID: really, really nice.

RB: it’s lovely to meet …

(Paul removes his mic and puts it under Richard's mouth.RB continues to talk with a smirk on his face)

RB: David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser..(into Paul’s mic).. although David more than Paul. (Paul pats RB’s head and plays with the collar to his “Starsky sweater) The character of Huggy Bear became almost as popular. …

(to Paul as he adjusts RB’s sweater).... Oh, Thank you. …in the seventies as the two main stars in the show itself..

DAVID: (to Paul) Give him a hug!

Paul pats RB’s head again and shoulder.

RB:.... Oh thank you. So who did the producers turn to fill that role? Well there was only one option.. ( the interview continues with clips of Snoop Dog)




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