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December 30, 2004

Favorite Stars Then and Now 2002

Announcer: In the '70s a duo called Starsky and Hutch blew into town, and blew away fans with their new breed of cop.

(Scene from "Death Ride" episode of "Starsky & Hutch" plays )

 Announcer: Paul Michael Glaser became an immediate star as Starsky.

 PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: We were all so young back then. We were just scrambling.

Announcer: David Soul played Starsky's partner Hutch, but he was soon frustrated playing the straight-laced half of the team.

 DAVID SOUL: Hutch was this..gee, he was this boring, kind of white-bread, you know, morning-after kind of taste in your mouth. And Starsky had all this zip and did the funny lines and da-da-da-da-da, you know. And I thought, 'No, I want to play Starsky.'

 Announcer: No dice, David. But today he has no regrets about his part in TV's most famous cop duo.

David: And I think that what really made it special-"Starsky & Hutch" special..was that relationship that continues today. Paul is, I would count, my best friend.

Announcer: Glaser has his own opinion of why "Starsky & Hutch" worked.

Paul: Basically asked them to write David 80 percent of the time and me 20 percent of the time so that I'd have less to do.

Announcer: But Glaser wasn't goofing off. He went on to direct TV and movies.

Paul: At the end of the day, I have to, in all honesty, say that I'm a very lucky man.

Announcer: David Soul followed his own path.

David: When "Starsky & Hutch" ended, I..I sort of looked at myself and this wonderful home that I had built on top of a mountain, and I said, 'Now what am I going to do?'

Announcer: David came down from the mountain and headed to Europe to act.

David: It's really funny because there are so many actors over here say, "What? What did you...what? What? What did you come over here for? We all want to go over there."

 Announcer: Some stars try and distance themselves from the roles that once defined them, but not David.

  David: I carry it not..I carry it as a very warm, fond memory of a..of a very exciting time, because we were a couple of lunatics and we did good work taking crap scripts and turning them into something that was almost palatable.

 Announcer: It was more than palatable, David. In fact, all of these TV duos made a big impression with fans, and continue to do so.


Transcribed by Pam

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